Complete Lean Manufacturing Workstation

Complete work island created for a well-known customer, leader in the textile sector in the world. It consists of 5 workstations with white laminate tops positioned in front of the operators and a single-lane side roller conveyor with a lower forward and a lower return plane for container management.

In addition, we have designed and assembled 2 workstations with two return lanes managed by a sequencer that facilitates the descent of one crate at a time in the picking area, facilitating access to the materials by the operators. An LCA (Low Cost Automation) system, which fully reflects the principles of Lean Manufacturing. A sustainable and low-cost automation, which is used without the use of technical resources.

We then applied an additional single-lane return-and-return workstation for materials, which is manually operated.

Modular solution made of aluminum, aluminum joints and white melamine tops, customized according to the needs of our customer. We then inserted steel profiles to support the plastic rollers and the plastic side guides.

A complete system that allows you to have a competitive advantage on production and logistics lines, as well as reduce the effort for your operators.


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