Dinamic Roller Conveyor for materials handling


In the gallery, the structures created for a leading company in the automation sector. Lean Manufacturing Solutions, which have been custom assembled for the Intralogistics needs of our customers.

In particular, we have applied lateral guides to each roller lane, ideal for the exit of empty containers. The roller conveyors are equipped with interlocking lanes both for the crates containing the materials and for the return of empty spaces, in full compliance with the FIFO (First in First out) logic.

Responding to the ergonomics‘ principles, we have decided to make our structures flexible, making the heights of the roller shelves easily adjustable at any time. We have inserted on them a simple sequencer, managed by a lever, which allows the operator to receive one cassette at a time.

Finally, the swivel wheels complete with braking system allow an easy re-layout of the assembly area.


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