Lean Manufacturing Gravity Shelving


In this gallery, we present to you an example of  a gravity shelving, created for an importanting company in the lighting sector.

A “Lean Manufacturing” solution, designed and customized on the basis of the specific Intralogistics needs of our client.

Equipped with 5 load levels, divided into 2 spans, each with 6 inclined roller lanes that allow rapid sliding of the materials and customized according to the containers that will be applied on it, it fully reflects the principles of FIFO logic (first in first out), thanks also to the inclusion of 5 levels for the return of empty spaces.

Easy to implement and simple to use, this solution guarantees a reduction in production and internal logistics costs, as well as optimizing the management of internal space and favoring a better working condition for the operators themselves, since it is both safe and ergonomic.

Entirely made of steel, through the use of pivoting wheels, we are able to obtain a flexible solution, able to be transported on production lines, and to facilitate a possible re-layout of the assembly area, should the need arise.


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