Lean Manufacturing materials handling station


Our latest workbenches, made in our warehouse.

Structures designed and assembled for a leading company in the professional cleaning sector.

This project stems from the customer’s need to have material interlocking stations with particular dimensions.

The structure is made up of steel tubes coated in white ABS with a diameter of 28 mm and a thickness of 2 mm, joined through the use of joints.

The bolts also guarantee the stability and safety of the structure.

The application of closely spaced roller guides make the structure flexible and intelligent allowing for a quick and efficient supply of materials to operators and the subsequent return of empty boxes.

As we can see, the distances between one floor and another are variable and adaptable according to the specific needs of Intralogistics.

This structure is also equipped with MDF tops, customized according to the customer’s needs, easily available and replaceable. This is an optimization too!!!

For all companies that need to have this type of material, it is in stock together with all that is the world of the coated tube.


For more information:

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